New shipment posted 01-20-19.  Green Maeng da back in stock!

Product test line:  Red Batak, Green Sunda, both 25% off.

On another note we will be discontinuing the Maha line temporarily until we can import it more reliably.  We have sold out of Green and White already.  Red Maha is now on sale until it’s gone.

Our credit card system is being finicky with cards, meaning there is a lot of declines.  We are working on this.  In the mean time if you get a decline, we can help you pay with other methods.  Just contact us, there is no need to place a new order unless you want to pay with echeck instead.  We can apply other payment methods manually to the order you already placed, but got a decline on.

We are now accepting Visa and Mastercards on our site again.  There is a fee for this service, $2.49 per transaction.  We can not override or change this fee.  It is charged by the network to the customer.    During check out you will be directed to a secure page to verify identify, then sent to a check out page.    Rest assured that we do not store any payment information and all of your transaction data is handled by secure servers!

We are launching a new Product Test category today.  In this category you will find anything that is new to us.  What’s even better is anything in this category comes with a 25% discount automatically applied during checkout!  All we ask is PLEASE send feedback and/or leave a product review on quality, texture, aroma etc.

If for some reason the coupon doesn’t apply correctly use “newstuff”


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